Melbourne based tech start-up founders Ryan Handby and James Claridge are rebuilding their entire platform, MilestonePay in 30 days, live streamed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitch starting on Wednesday 12 January to inspire and support the aspiring global freelance and tech communities.

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Live schedule (Times in AEDT)

  • Morning WIP: 10am-10:15am
  • Live coding session: 12pm-4pm
  • Daily wrap up: 4pm-4:14pm

Live streams will include daily morning project update sessions and evening project wrap up sessions, covering everything from software development, UX (user experience) design, UI (user interface) design as well as all things start-up and tech related.

Keen freelancers and startup founders will also be able to tune into live coding sessions and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions throughout the 30 day overhaul.

“We’ve spoken to hundreds freelancers over the past year so we can continue building a toolkit that manages everything from first client contact, to final project payment, now we want to show the freelance community what we’re doing with that feedback,” said Ryan Handby.

“We’re passionate about solving a problem that is very personal to James and I and we want to make sure that running a freelance business or growing agency is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible”.

MilestonePay began as a platform to bridge the gap between contract management, project management and payments for freelancers and growing agencies after Ryan and James struggled with non-payment from clients in Australia and abroad.

They knew that so many freelancers faced hurdles in getting started and knowing how to establish themselves and their processes in order to get their businesses up and running.

Ryan and James are now building a toolkit that supports the entire freelance business process from first client contact to final project payment, with a suite of tools including, client management, forms, contracts, invoicing and payments.

The 30 day overhaul will see these features linked into a seamless process, with the addition of new features including a proposal builder, time tracking and automated workflows.

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Media contact

Kris Koper | 0423 255 905

About MilestonePay

Around 2017 Ryan and James were freelancing as software development consultants for clients all over the world. They were winning more work, their projects were getting bigger and everything was great, until it wasn’t.

They were working on a new software platform that they, as engineers, were proud to build. The project took off, everyone involved agreed on what was getting delivered as well as a ballpark figure of what the entire build would cost.

A few weeks went by and Ryan and James delivered the first stage of their project, the client loved it. The feedback was great, so they kept working away.

Weeks turned into months, the project was wrapping up and Ryan and James began to tally up the mountain of work they’d done for their client so they could send an invoice.

Things started to take a turn for the worse, their client became extremely critical of work that previously got great feedback and added a number of scope changes.

Ryan and James were passionate about the project, so they kept working. But after every new set of changes their client kept dragging that payment carrot further and further out of reach.

The project ended up being dragged out so far they had to stop work and say goodbye to any payment as their client lived in another country. Bills were piling up, they were $50,000 out of pocket, and any legal fees would just add to this with no guarantee that they’d get their money back.

This is where the idea came in. In hindsight, Ryan and James realised, they should have had a contract in place, they shouldn’t have put so much trust into an unknown international client, and they should have taken payments as the project progressed. Fast forward a few months, and MilestonePay is born!

The Journey so far

MilestonePay began as a contracts platform designed for freelancers and growing agencies which split projects into achievable milestones, which consist of deliverables associated with each milestone and an associated cost.

In engaging with the platform, the customer must pay for each milestone upfront to enable the supplier to begin work.

Those funds are then held and released upon approval from the client that the work was done according to the predetermined contract deliverables.

This ensures that there is alignment between the customer and supplier on expectations, making the lives of their agencies and freelancers much smoother.

Ryan and James quickly realised that freelancers and growing agencies needed more support and were overwhelmed by the amount of busy work they spent hours on each week just so they could do their best work for their clients.

With that in mind they started a journey to build the very best end to end toolkit for freelancers and growing agencies all over the world to manage their sales process.