Digital contracts that manage projects and get you paid

A living Statement of Work that manages your projects with built in notifications and automated payments direct to your bank as key tasks are completed.

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Step 1

Pick a template or build your own

Pre-built contract templates make defining and sharing your projects with clients effortless. Pick the template that works for you and get started, or create you own and save it as a custom template for your next project.

Step 2

Add clarity to your project by breaking it into manageable tasks

Milestone based contracts keep your projects focused and ensure you list exactly what you will and won’t do. Manage client expectations and reduce the chances of scope creep with clearly defined stages, deliverables, acceptance criteria and exclusions.

Step 3

Get paid as you complete your milestones

Choose if you’ll get paid up-front, on completion or using our MilestonePay functionality then complete the tasks you agree to with your clients and get paid instantly as they’re done.

Step 4

Keep everyone in the loop with automated notifications

There’s no need for a dedicated project manager. Notifications are triggered at all of the important points throughout your project. From feedback requests, payment reminders and project deadlines - we’ve got you covered.

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Contracts makes breaking projects into stages super easy and my clients love that they only pay when work is completeted, rather than having to pay 50% up front and 50% on completion.
— Nick James
Freelance Web Developer
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