Professional invoices that reflect your brand

Never misspell your client details or leave an old line item in a document template again. Tick off all your invoicing requirements, and send perfect branded invoices online.

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Create a professional, customisable invoice in three clicks

It’s that easy to fire up a template with all the items you need for a valid invoice. Add your logo, set your brand colours, and you’re good to go!

Step 2

Perfectly format invoices every time

Don’t waste time formatting tables in docs or sheets, just enter your line items, descriptions and costs for a professional looking invoice, no matter how many items you list.

Step 3

Send your invoice with confidence

Don’t stress about misspelling client names or entering emails incorrectly. Our invoice builder pulls clients directly from our CRM so your invoices get sent to the right place at the click of a button.

Step 4

Keep track of your invoice progress and link them directly to clients

Get a quick overview of all your invoices including drafts, published and paid, or dive deeper get a history of invoices that you’ve sent to individual companies or clients linked directly in our CRM.

Keep your accounting in one place

Integrates with Xero

Finished a contract in MilestonePay? Seamlessly send your data to Xero for streamlined accounting at tax time.

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It literally only takes 3 cicks to start creating an invoice. I save so much time not having to stress about formatting word docs for my invoices and being able to send them direct from MilestonePay.
— Steph Rae
Freelance Graphic Designer
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