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We’ve spoken to hundreds freelancers and growing agencies over the past year so we can continue building a toolkit that manages everything from first client contact, to final project payment. Now we want to show you what we’re doing with that feedback!

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Everything you need from first contact to final payment

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Clearly define projects then get paid automatically and securely

29% of freelancers are paid late. Don’t wait months after invoicing for payment. Make payments easier for you and your clients to manage by breaking your projects into milestone based chunks.

Why it’s better:

  • Avoid disputes and scope creep, clearly define and agree on all tasks before work begins then get paid automatically as they’re completed.
  • Get started in minutes with a pre-built contract template or create reusable custom templates to suit your business.
  • Process secure payments powered by Stripe up front, on completion or using MilestonePay’s service.

Send professional custom branded invoices in seconds

Don’t just look like a pro with a branded invoice, manage your invoices like a pro with streamlined record keeping that links invoices directly to your clients and alerts you of payment progress every step of the way. 

Why it’s better:

  • Stand out from the pack to your clients with your logo and custom branding.
  • Link your invoices directly to your clients for easy payment tracking and record keeping.
  • Turn your contracts into invoices at the touch of a button.

Kickstart working relationships and better understand client needs

Start relationships with your clients on the right foot with an onboarding form and keep it going with a feedback form when your project is complete. 

Why it’s better:

  • Be prepared for your first call by collecting key client information
  • Learn how you can improve your work and client experiences with feedback forms
  • Build custom forms which you can link and embed anywhere with no custom code required

Keep all your client interactions and details in one place

Manage multiple client projects easily with a well organised overview of all client interactions, project progress, invoices and form responses in one place. 

Why it’s better:

  • No more digging through email chains for project updates
  • Record keeping is perfectly organised so you can be prepared for tax time
  • Keep every interaction between you and your clients in one place

Say goodbye to all-in-one and hello to all together

Send invoicing data directly to Xero, form results to Notion or Google Sheets and use any data you need to set up any zap you like in Zapier, the opportunities are endless.

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Find out how we’re helping hundreds of freelancers and growing agencies do their best work.

Since using MilestonePay, I’ve been able to streamline my sales process. It has everything I need to manage my clients, from onboarding, to making sure I get paid on time as I complete a project.
— Steph Rae
Freelance Graphic Designer